Monday, June 8, 2009

Deep Evil (2004)

Deus misereatur this is a clichéd alien-mutant-monster in a lab movie! For those who don't know the drill amoral yet stupid-evil scientists in an uber secret lab. .

The lab.

Working with exotic-alien-mutant DNA accidentally on purpose create a monster-hybrid-alien. .

The Experiment.

Which, d'oh, gets out of control and kills and/or infests the stupid-evil scientists with its parasitical offspring. .

Drowning in chocolate milk?

Forcing the military-government-corporate goons running the project-lab-insane asylum to send yet other people into the mutant-alien-crazed monster's lair. .


But not before our lovable hack filmmakers find an excuse for a gratuitous nude scene. .


Which, sadly, is all too brief and not very well lit. .

Yeah baby, yeah!

Then it's back to boring the audience to death with predictable low budget wannabe ALIEN banality that's mostly a knock-off of THE THING starring the cousin of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. .

Swamp Thing?

On the bright side if you can put your brain in neutral and not ask probing questions about what the heck is going on or why nothing makes sense you may be able to enjoy watching this for the vacuous silly piece of z-grade nonsense it is. (Or at least have fun tormenting your friends with it MST3K style.) If not steer clear and rent something intelligent, like a Paris Hilton movie.

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